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The Source:
"Everyone always asks me where all the material comes from. Sourcing is a huge part of the process, and can be SUCH a treasure hunt (you dumpster divers know what Iím talking about). I work with various steel manufacturers and collect their waste and scrappieces. I am literally inside of their dumpsters picking through and separating pieces that inspire me. And yes, there have been more than a few raised eyebrows upon my requests to rummage through their dumpters!

My favorite finds come from mountains of twisted and mangled steel at the local scrap yard. I could spend hours searching and plucking pieces of rebar and rusted machinery. I never know what Iím going to come across, and as a result, I never know what it will ultimately transform into. But the process is completely intoxicating and I canít imagine doing anything else."

The Technique:
These unique leaf ornaments made from salvaged metal scraps are a must have for your Christmas tree, or to hang in a window or on a wall for all to admire.

The Details:
Approx. 3" W x 8" H
$15/ea. (Tax and Shipping not Included)
Salvaaged Metal Leaf Ornaments #TR1482011
Tammy Roy
GreenLife Gallery
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