The Source:
This functional work of art was made from 12 vintage 45rpm records that were expertly fitted to create this beautiful mirror. The original labels are intact and represent a mixture of artists from a variety of musical categories.

The Technique:
Jeff and his team get their recycled vintage vinyl from record shops, dealers, collectors and in some cases, from people’s attics. Every year they recycle and reuse approximately 150,000 records or almost 40,000 pounds of material.

Committed to energy efficient manufacturing, the majority of the production process is done in their Philadelphia studio. They do not throw away any part of the record: album covers are converted into sketchbooks and notecards, and leftover material is collected by paper recyclers.

The vinyl scrap left over from making their creations is sent to a record-pressing plant in Nashville, where it is re-ground and turned back into brand new records, closing the loop on their material waste stream.

The Details:

Approx. 22" Diameter x 3/4" D
$125 (Tax and Shipping not Included)
*The mirror is glass and backing is recycled wood composite.
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Recycled 45rpm Mirror #JD092011
Jeff Davis
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