Chris Wagoner has always gravitated to working with his hands. While attending college he began his career as a woodworker building sets and elaborate exhibits for the event and trade show industry. Over the years he witnessed a lot of material waste on the show floor. Motivated by the thought of giving something that has already lived one lifetime another chance to be enjoyed in a new light, he decided to use the tradeshow trash and other local waste as a medium and purpose for his art.

Chris acquired a love for woodturning nearly instantly after his initial introduction. He has learned a lot over the past few years both from mentors and through his own experimentation and research and continues to apply this knowledge to his development as a woodturning artist.

As a regular outdoor enthusiast, Chris spends much of his spare time in the water surfing or hiking in the local mountains. He has a deep admiration for the environment and enjoys being outdoors as thatís the best place to be inspired.

He is an active member of several organizations, including American Association of Woodturners and Collectors of Wood Art. He also frequently attends expos, workshops and other events promoting art. Chris is equally as passionate about woodturning as he is about the story behind the wood itself. He has developed his own niche by selecting renewable and reclaimed sources exclusively, like building supplies and other waste stream materials that would otherwise have been added to the growing landfill.
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Specialty: Salvaged Wood Art
Chris Wagoner
ďItís part of the natural creative process, to respect the material being used and aim to enhance the characteristics that are unique to each piece. Likewise, I want to be sure that my artistic expression is applied to something that doesnít compromise the environment or community where it originates. Itís about trying to make the right choices every time.Ē
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